I am a Lithuanian born American artist. My creative career started as a porcelain artist in Kaunas, Lithuania and it lasted for eight years, up to the time (1988) of my leaving for the United States, where I switched from applied arts to a fine arts. Another eight years, a number of group shows, three solo shows, and I decided to study Graphic Design. After mastering the technology I was ready for the corporate world and was hired at a business consulting firm/academy as the creative director. Wile it was truly interesting and informative experience, I found my self going to hell in increments (corporate "bottom line" culture is not conducive in nurturing empathy, or for that matter humanity). So, to save my sole, I did the U turn and went back to solo career. I started my own freelance business “Monograf”. Working for my self afforded more time for creative work.This time however, my primary tool was a computer. While working with an occasional client or two on a commercial projects, I managed to fulfill my creative needs to, since 2003 I have had four more solo shows:

Whimsical Art Hole in The Wall  Plying with Old Masters Entropy

As an artist I have never been loyal to any particular technique, style or concept. Having an insatiable curiosity and engaging in perpetual learning, I could not stay in a defined artistic position for very long. Constantly reinventing myself is my Constant, and it defines me as an artist. However, it doesn't do much for my public recognition; fact is that all of my art, from the various stages of my life, looks like it's been done by different  people.

As a graphic designer, artist/illustrator, and photographer, I can offer creative solutions in web design, print collateral, packaging, branding, image consulting, as well as an array of fine art and photography.

If you like any of my work, you can always inquire about the price and size of any of the work you’ll see on this website.