I am a Lithuanian born American artist. My creative career started as a porcelain artist in Kaunas, Lithuania and it lasted for eight years, up to the time (1988) of my leaving for the USA. In states I switched from applied arts to a fine arts. After another eight years, a number of group shows and three solo shows, I decided to study Graphic design. Year and a half later I was ready to embrace the corporate world and was hired at a business consulting firm/academy as the creative director. Four years later I started my own freelance business “Monograf”. While freelancing, I had time to do more creative work.This time however, my primary tool was a computer. From 2003 up until now I had four more solo shows:

Whimsical Art

Hole in The Wall

Plying with Old Masters


As an artist I have never held any loyalty to particular technique, stile or concept. Having insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge, I could not stay in defined artistic position for very long. Constantly reinventing my self is my Constant, and it is the only thing that defines me as an artist.

Living in the moment and not knowing what the future of my art will look like, makes for exciting journey in life.

As a freelance graphic designer, creative director,
artist/illustrator, and photographer, I can offer creative solutions in web design, print collateral, packaging, branding, image consulting, as well as an array of fine art and photography for your living or working environment.

If you like any of my work, you can always email me and inquire about the price and size of any of the work you’ll see on this website.


Email: loreta@monograf.net

USA Ph: 206 476 4122

LT Ph: 370 6 174 5173 (mobile)
LT Ph: 370 5 212 0682 (home)