2018 – I joined PROTON, an alliance of positively charged professionals whose aim is to work with businesses by devising and executing marketing, advertising and branding strategies. Working in tandem with the people who have different expertise can bring an extraordinary results and our aim is just that.

2016 – Once again, the wine label for Pinot Noir, designed by me for Hart's Desire Wines, wins first place, this time at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair, California’s largest regional wine competition.

2015 – The Orange County Fair competition has become the largest and most renowned judging of California wines in the world. My long-standing client Hart's Desire Wine labels have been awarded 1st place in the Thematic Series category. I am so proud and happy for my client and for myself to achieve such professional recognition.

2015 – My show Entropy was displayed in three cities in Lithuania. First, in the coastal city of Klaipeda, at the Parko Gallery; afterwards in Sauliai “Zanavyku Krasto” museum; and lastly in the city of Jurbarkas at the “Jurbarko Krasto” museum. I was fortunate to experience a warm welcome in all of those places. People were very curious regarding my technique, wondering how I achieved the look of painting with photography. The answer is ENTROPY.


2013 – Finally! My new solo show called Entropy was opened on December 10th, at Arkos Galerija in Vilnius, Lithuania. It took me longer then I expected to get ready for it, but after multiple delays, I did it. The show went well, and the opening night was very crowded. People where genuinely curious about the unusual technique of my work. I had a couple of positive reviews in the Lithuanian magazines and gave a few interviews for the television.

2008 – I have finished new series of artwork called Playing with the Old Masters. It took me two years of research to create the artwork. Essentially it's a digital collage, but I call it Graphica in Silico. This series and other most recent work was on display at the show in Riga, Latvia, and another show in Vilnius, Lithuania.


2007 – I submitted a series of works called Playing with Old Masters to Communication Arts for their Illustration Annual (the American art community's holy grail). My work earned an award of excellence and I was thrilled to be joining that year's ranks of America’s best illustrators.

2007– After traveling to many countries and shooting many photos of walls, windows and doors, I had an exhibit in Vilnius, Lithuania, called The Hole in the Wall" Show. It was my first photography show, an exploration of the world through the lens of a photo camera.