2015 – My show Entropy was displayed in three cities in Lithuania. First, in the coastal city of Klaipeda, at the Parko Gallery; afterwards in Sauliai “Zanavyku Krasto” museum; and lastly in the city of Jurbarkas at the “Jurbarko Krasto” museum. I was fortunate to experience a warm welcome in all of those places. People were very curious regarding my technique, wondering how I achieved the look of painting with photography. The answer is ENTROPY. 2013 – Finally! My new solo show called Entropy is opening on December 10th, at Arkos Galerija in Vilnius, Lithuania. It took me longer then I expected to get ready for it, but after multiple delays, me being simply lazy and uninspired, I finally have enough work for the show. We'll see haw it'll go. 2008 – I have finished new series of artwork called Playing with the Old Masters. It took me two years of research to create the artwork. Essentially it's a digital collage, but I call it Graphica in Silico. This series and other most recent work was on display at the show in Riga, Latvia, and another show in Vilnius, Lithuania.
2007 – I submitted a series of works called Playing with Old Masters to Communication Arts for their Illustration Annual (the American art community's holy grail). My work earned an award of excellence and I was thrilled to be joining that year's ranks of America’s best illustrators. 2007– After traveling to many countries and shooting many photos of walls, windows and doors, I had an exhibit in Vilnius, Lithuania, called “The Hole in the Wall Show.”