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Photos from the art show PLAYING WITH OLD MASTERS
Domus Galeria
, Vilnius, Lithuania 2008

After my exhibit in Riga, I brought the show to Domus Gallery in Vilnius, Lithuania. In spite of a little logistical glitch pertaining to planning of the event, my quick-witted friends Lidija Rasutis, Daiva Taliute and Ruta Kaupinyte, stepped in and did everything so perfectly and efficiently that I was astonished at the result.
Daiva and Ruta did the press releases and invited a lot of people as well as journalists. The show opened with classical jazz music played by my dear friend the best pianist in Lithuania Povilas Jaraminas and Lidija singing my favorite song "My Funny Valentine", afterwards Povilase’s daughter Gabriele, and his friend sang. Guests drank French wine and nibbled on appetizers while enjoying music and art. All in all, the show turned out great. So, thanks to all who so graciously stepped in at the eleventh hour to help turn this event into such a resounding success.

Vilnius, Riga

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