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Photos from the art show PLAYING WITH OLD MASTERS
Melngalvju Nama Galerija, Riga, Latvia 2008

I was blessed to have my art show in the most beautiful building in Riga – Melngalvju Nama Galerija. The main floor is a museum, the bottom floor is a museum/gallery where my work was on display for a full month. The opening of the show went without a hitch. My friend, Latvian artist Nele Zirnite, invited many notable Latvian artists and friends. Also, my dear friends from Lithuania made a 300-kilometer trip to be there. I am so thankful to all of them for their love and support.
According to the curator of the museum the show was very well received by the public, her only regret was that I did not have a book for comments; she said it would have been filled. She said, people in general had a blast, spending more time where I exhibited my work than in the main floor of the museum. My objective to make them laugh apparently was achieved.

Vilnius, Riga

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